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22 05.2015.

U cilju podizanja svijesti o potencijalima povratka hrvatskih iseljenika te aktualizacije pitanja njihove integracije u cjelokupan državni sustav Republike Hrvatske


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07 02.2014.

Call for an Expression of Interest for the establishment of the right to build and the right of usage of property (the right of enjoyment)in the location of KUPARI I in the District of Župa Dubrovačka


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18 05.2013.

The State Office for Croats Abroad as the sponsor of the “Croatian Cultural Week” in Germany

The spectacle of Croatian culture with regard to the upcoming accession to the EU.

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07 05.2013.

Head Krstičević gave a presentation at the international conference “Europe on the move – participation and integration of EU citizens

By its membership the Republic of Croatia is contributing an added value to the European Union in the field of migration and integration.

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01 05.2013.

Support for the Hrvatski dom in Montevideo

The State Office for Croats Abroad has supported the House furnishing and the arranging of the cultural hall thus enabling them to continue with the promotion of Croatian culture.

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30 04.2013.

An meeting with the candidates for members of the Government Council for Croats Abroad

It takes an intense work on an academic level

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