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Organization of the State Office for Croats Abroad


Activities of Head of Office Cabinet are following:

• Expert and administrative services for Head of Office and Deputy Head of Office
• Communication and correspondence with Croatian Parliament and Croatian Government, , ministries and other administrative bodies, cooperation carriers of the Republic of Croatia and Croats abroad.
• Managing data of status of Croats abroad in specific countries and coordinates relations of Croatia towards Croats abroad.
Head Office Cabinet  coordinates program and project implementation within the Office departments; coordinates implementation of Strategy and Act on relations of the Republic of Croatia with Croats abroad; coordinates  drafting of  legal documents for protection of rights and interests of Croats abroad; implementing other activities from its competence; prepares and coordinates public appearances of Head Office,  PR activities, protocol activities of special interest of the State Office, other expert and administrative tasks related to work program and Head of Office as well as Deputy Head of Office; work tasks regarding citizens complains.

Welcome office is department which performs acceptation, informs and refers Croats abroad in general state system in Republic of Croatia, coordinates activities with other office departments, drafts welcoming and acceptance programs for Croats abroad, coordinates recommendation and other strategic materials for establishing, maintaining and promoting bonds with Croats abroad; preparing communication strategy, informs public of the ongoing Office activities, prolongs PR publications of the State Office, through internet sites  and other informative publications; cooperates with other administrative bodies and institutions regarding PR campaign; informs State Office, prepares reviews and events information, prepares, drafts and implements visiting  programs   for representatives of Croats abroad, on Head Office advise, performs other activities within its competence.

Sector for implementation of programs and projects for Croats abroad performs administrative and expert tasks related to care for preserving Croatian identity of all generations among Croats abroad:  cooperates with  Croatian institutions abroad (associations, organizations, cultural centers, Croatian catholic missions etc.) provides support regarding promotion of Croatian language, culture and tradition, develops cultural, educational, scientific, economic and sport cooperation; prepares proscription drafts as well as expert document frames from its competence. Recommends, implements and coordinates activities with other cooperation carriers of the Republic of Croatia and Croats abroad, accordingly to the Government politics, in the area of culture, education, science, sports, health and economy for Croats abroad; implements and supervise special programs for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for Croatian minority and Croatian Diaspora; coordinates economic activities of Croats abroad in Croatia as well as projects of economic cooperation of the Croatia with Croats abroad; prepares necessary information for Welcome office, performs tasks of mentor- adviser, coordinates citizens’ compliments replies, collects data, maintain specific data base, participates in plan and program drafting as well as special reviews, platforms and reports. Within its competence, performs other tasks accordingly to State Office needs.

Sector for implementation of programs and projects for Croats abroad constitutes of:

• Department for culture, education, science and sport
• Department for economic cooperation
• Department for contest implementation and project monitoring

Sector for legal status and status affaires of Croats abroad  cares of preservation of national identity of all generations of Croats abroad; cares of status of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, of Croatian autochthonous minority in European countries, of Croatian Diaspora; monitors implementation of accepted standards of protection of Croats in countries of their living; supports ethnical, religious and lingual self-awareness as well as the right to specific of own cultural life and national traditions; monitors changes in the migration politics and legal frame in the state of living, recommends and participates in drafting of bilateral agreements of protection of the rights, maintains continuous cooperation with representatives of Croats abroad, cooperates and communicates with other competent ministries and institutions regarding protection of legal status of Croats abroad; cooperates with related institutions in Croatia and   European Union, international organizations, coordinates specific activities regarding status of Croats abroad, accelerates granting of the Croatian citizenship, performs administrative and expert tasks of granting Croats without citizenship status; recommends proscriptions enforcing regarding granting the rights to education, information, scholarships, health security, concurs, employment policies, and other affaires of interest for Croats abroad; performs tasks regarding issuing Croatian Card, coordinates replies to citizens complains, collects specific data, drafts of analyze and reports from its competence, prepares necessary information for Welcome office, performs tasks of mentor- adviser regarding return to Croatia as well as other tasks from its competence.

Sector for legal status and status affaires of Croats abroad  constitutes of:

• Department for legal status of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian minorities and Diaspora
• Department for status affaires of  the Croats abroad
• Department for legal status of the Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian minorities and Diaspora


Head Secretariat performs legal, financial, accountant, organizational, general, accessory and technical tasks for State Office. Coordinates tasks of drafting of strategic and annual plan, draws reports of State Office work results and other reports accordingly to Head Office request, coordinates implementation of office departments decisions, draws drafts of financial plan for current year accordingly to Head Office guidelines, monitors realization of the plan, monitors expenses plan, performs accountant tasks, human resources, coordinates employment plan, training and specialization plans, tender goods and services, performs tasks of office correspondence, performs general, technical and other accessory tasks, cares of state Office equipment, maintains the equipment, equips State Office premises, maintains official vehicle, accordingly to Head of Office request coordinates tasks within other department units of the State Office, performs tasks of financial management and control within the state Office; performs tasks of regional treasury according to authorization and established processes of the State Treasury. Performs other tasks within its competence.

• Department for human resources, legal and general information affaires
• Department for financial affaires 






Central State Office for Croats abroad
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