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  • Croatian minority in the Republic of Slovakia
  • Croatian minority in the Republic of Slovakia
  • Croatian minority in the Republic of Slovakia
  • Croatian minority in the Republic of Slovakia

Croatian minority in the Republic of Slovakia

Croats in Slovakia mostly live in four municipalities of the capital Bratislava: Devinsko Novo Selo (Devínska Nová Ves), Croatian Grob (Chorvatsky Grob  ),  Čunovo and Hrvatski Jandrof (Jarovce). Most of them are assimilated, although the assimilation process was not the result of a deliberate effort, but rather the consequence of language  similarities, cultures and customs. Studies have shown that Croats settled into the area of the present day Slovakia in three waves: in the mid-16th century, mid-17th century, and in the late 17th century, mostly fleeing from the Turks. There are three distinct Croatian groups: Devinsko Novo Selo is mostly inhabited by Croats speaking the chakavian dialect;  in Hrvatski Grob by those  who use the kajkavian and ikavian dialect, whereas in Hrvatski Jandrof and Čunovo local  Croats  speak the dialect of the Burgenland  Croats.
It is difficult to assess the exact number of Croats in Slovakia. The official Slovak statistics do not indicate the number of Croats in the above mention localities. The endeavor on how to preserve   Croatian identity came to light only after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of Czechoslovakia. During the 2001 census only 890 residents of Slovakia declared themselves as Croats.  It is estimate that there are 3000-4000 Croats living in Slovakia.
The relations between Croatia and Slovakia have traditionally been good and friendly, with no open issues, and developing successfully in all fields, as both countries share the same affiliation with other Central European countries in transition. They also both share similar views on the international issues as well as the awareness for the protection and improvement of the position of national minorities.


Croats in Slovakia belong to the group of the population which by the Constitution of the Republic of Slovakia is considered a national minority or an ethnic group. Slovakia has no specific law regulating the issues of minorities.  There is the Council of minorities within the Government Office of the Republic of Slovakia in which Croats have their representative. Croats do not have a representative in the Parliament of the Republic of Slovakia, nor are they organized or active in political parties.

Associations, publishing and media

Croats in Slovakia are organized in cultural clubs and associations, their umbrella institution being the Croatian Cultural Association in Slovakia (, established in 1990 with the headquarters in Bratislava. Its goal is to coordinate activities of Croatian cultural clubs. The Croatian Cultural Association consists of four Croatian cultural societies: the HKD in Čunovo (,  the HKD in Devinsko Novo Selo, the HKD in Hrvatski Grob, the HKD in Hrvatski  Jandrof, and the Youth Club in Hrvatski Jandrof.  The widest spread activity amidst the Association is folklore (there are 10 cultural groups).

In 2005, the Croatian Cultural Center and the Museum of the Croatian culture in Slovakia was opened in Devinsko Novo Selo.  It was built by the contributions of the local municipality, the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Government of the Republic of Slovakia. The Croatian Cultural Association publishes the quarterly magazine "Hrvatska rosa". Croats do not have their own radio or television programs. The “National magazine” of the Slovak TV, occasionally broadcasts stories about the lives of the Croatian community.


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