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  • Croatian diaspora in Denmark
  • Croatian diaspora in Denmark
  • Croatian diaspora in Denmark
  • Croatian diaspora in Denmark

Croatian diaspora in Denmark

It is estimated that there are about 1,000 Croats and their descendants, i.e. about 400 Croat families living in Denmark. Most of them live in and around Copenhagen and in the Jutland peninsula, around major cities such as Aarhus and Aalborg. A family lives in the Faroe Islands (self-governing territory of Denmark). Croatians moved to Denmark in the 60s as unskilled labor force.

Status of Croats in Denmark
Danish citizenship can be obtained after residing in Denmark for at least nine years, and with the acquired skill to use the Danish language. Spouses of Danish citizens who are foreigners can apply for citizenship after six years of marriage, provided that they speak Danish. Denmark does not recognize dual citizenship.

Croatian Associations and the Catholic Missions
In Denmark, there are two Croatian associations, i.e. the Croatian immigrant communities – “Hrvatski dom Kralj Tomislav”  i “Hrvatska kulturna zajednica” . The Croatian Catholic Mission has been active since 2004. Every other week a Croatian priest from southern Sweden comes to Demark, Copenhagen and celebrates the Holy Mass in the Croatian language.

Croatian Classes and Programs in the Croatian Language
Classes in the Croatian education have been integrated in the Denmark’s educational system and are financed by local school authorities (and not the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia).









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